World of Warcraft (WoW)

Here it is people, by no demand at all, popular or not, this is my adventures so far in WoW (already lvl 58 at this stage, so maybe a little hazy in the beginning).

I play a undead warlock on the Jubei’Thos Oceanic Realm. Despite what you may think, I didn’t know about the ups or downs of any particular class before rolling a warlock, so I wasn’t being cheap or anything, if i wanted to be cheap I’d have re-rolled a rogue. I chose a warlock because that seemed to be the class I would have the most fun playing. I have played Diablo 2 alot, got to level 77 as a necromancer (finished the game + expansion on all three difficulty levels), as well as finishing the game on normal difficulty on every other hero, but i enjoyed the necromancer the most. This is why i chose warlock, as it seemed the most similar to the necromancer.

If I hd the knowledge I have now, I would have an Orc warlock, simply for HammerTime. Best. Dance. Ever.

At time of posting we are 7 days from The Burning Cursade, so I am pushing to be level 60 before it arrives, which should happen.

More later, pst me if your on Jubei’Thos and want to chat or get help with lower level quests, especially warlock quests, more than happy to help, even if I can only point you in the right direction.

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  • Bindi  says:

    Andrew the Gamer. Ha! Of all things…choosing a race for its dance? and Hammertime?! Sif. When choosing a race for its dancing skills you’d have to go for a Tauren, really. Square dance FTW!

    As for being a gamer…I know of certain activities that you would be more eager to spend your time doing…

    …cake anyone?

    Messin with you, Andy. Not about the cake tho. I loooove cake.
    Can’t wait for the next installment from Andrew the Gamer! 🙂

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