Thomas Was Alone Review

“Thomas was alone”.  A weird thought and interesting way to start this game.  While a simple game visually (not a rounded edge in sight) and with the characters all being blocks of differing size, shape and colour you might not expect much from this game, but the developer, through carefully constructed narration and direction makes you care about these characters and their trials through the world.

A platformer at heart, each character has a name as well as a different special ability (my favourite was Sarah), ranging from jumps, to being bouncy, to double jumping.  You need to combine these to navigate through each level.  Individually these levels aren’t massive, but with 100 of them in the original game (and 20 more since released as paid DLC) there is a few hours here for you to enjoy.  While most of the levels aren’t incredibly challenging, they still make our mind work to figure out how to get everyone to their exits.

Worth playing if only for the fantastic soundtrack, more games need to like this, focussing more on story and compelling gameplay as opposed to graphics.