The Unfinished Swan Review

A downloadable indie game that sees you play as a young boy who is chasing a swam which has escaped from his mothers unfinished painting. Initially a completely white environment, you can throw paint in order to find your way around. In later levels paint becomes water and the environment becomes more visible and the challenge is solving puzzles and platforming to progress. A story driven game, the unique visuals and nice, if simple, story will keep pulling you through this game, like a good story should.

Each of the four chapters plays slightly differently while all having the same goal, move forward to try and catch the swan. The narration by the king is good while story panels throughout the game reveal more of what is going on.

Short, whimsical and charming, it could be a little longer but leaves enough to the imagination (like all good childhood stories) that you aren’t disappointed that it does end when it does.