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Archer Maclean’s Mercury Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.

One of the release games for PSP (in Australia at least), this game has plenty of great moments. A challenging puzzler with an inventive idea (not surprising, considering Archer Maclean’s past efforts). You control a 3D world, which you can rotate by using the analogue nub. A blob of mercury rolls around, with the aim to get a portion the blob from the start to the finish. There are six worlds, each with twelve levels, which makes for quite abit of a challenge. There is also a bonus world (with only 6 levels), which is quite harder than the normal worlds. Even unlocking them is a real challenge...

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Since I have had a PSP (Playstation Portable) since they were released here in Australia (1st September 2005), I have seen some of the best and worst of Sony’s first venture into the handheld gaming market, one long considered to be solely Nintendo’s domain. The release of the PSP has taken some of that market from Nintendo, however it is only in the western countries, Japan is still wary of leaving Nintendo behind.

The PSP is more than just a games machine, it is a portable media device, with the capacity to view photos, listen to music and watch movies. This may seem like alot, but you can also surf the internet on it (provided you have firmware 2.00 or higher)...

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