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Lumines Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.Block games have been arounds almost since the first PC. Tetris was developed in 1984, with releases on nearly every system cabable of playing it. Many other block games have developed from this, one of these being Lumines.Lumines consists of moving and rotating squares of 4 small blocks of up to two colours around the screen in an attempt to join four or more of the same coloured blocks together in a rectangle for removal. The blocks are removed by a time line that moves from left to right. There are special blocks that will remove all of that colour attached to it

It sounds like a basic concept, which it is, however it ...

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Lumines score.

I’ve done it. A new high score along with two new skins. The new score to beat (among anyone trying to compete with me) is 125,751. I know there are probably many people who can beat that, but it’s a start. I’m the best that I know of, can any of YOU beat me?

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Since I have had a PSP (Playstation Portable) since they were released here in Australia (1st September 2005), I have seen some of the best and worst of Sony’s first venture into the handheld gaming market, one long considered to be solely Nintendo’s domain. The release of the PSP has taken some of that market from Nintendo, however it is only in the western countries, Japan is still wary of leaving Nintendo behind.

The PSP is more than just a games machine, it is a portable media device, with the capacity to view photos, listen to music and watch movies. This may seem like alot, but you can also surf the internet on it (provided you have firmware 2.00 or higher)...

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