Surprising little gems

I watch movies. I enjoy movies. I love movies. But not all movies (don’t get me started on Lord of the Rings). When I watch a movie, I expect to be entertained, as you do, but am not really expecting to get much more out of the experience. Occasionally, I am pleasently surprised. This seems to happen with older movies, rather than the new ones being churned out filled with things that had been done before. Cliché. There, I said it. Just the other day I encountered one of these startling movies. A quaint little flick from the mid 80’s… Back to the Future. I was highly impressed with it, a little dated, no doubt, but still awesome to a first time viewer over 20 years later. It prompted me to watch the two sequals within a day, as well as sparking a semi-intelligent conversation about time travel with my girlfriend. If you haven’t seen this movie (the first one is the best, but they are all worth watching), head down to your local video store and get a copy, place it in your player of choice, sit back and remember the good old days of 1985. If oyu have seen it before, do this also, it’s a movie that stands the test of time rather well.

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  • Bindi  says:

    Yay! I told you they were great movies 🙂 Yes…i recall our time-travel conversation. and at the end of all three you were like…”Flying steam train time machine?! Sif!”. Lol 😛

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