So many choices, so little rep…

After getting a mage to port me to Org (a quest also required me to go there, hence my choice) a shameful, overpriced yet worthwhile 2g, I get my first set of expansion skills. However, I could have got them earlier. A whole level earlier. It seems that from lvl 60 onwards, there are new skills every level, not every second (for everyone except Rogues, it seems they get nothing new at 63 or 65). Maybe this is a ploy by Blizzard to get us going back to Azeroth more often. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that either more trips are required, or just getting more skills when you do make that trek back. I got my first new expansion skill, Fel Armor (Armour, damn Americans), which gives increased healing from spells/effects and increased damage. The downside is that only one armour type can be active at one, meaning that Demon Armor cannot also be used. So, extra armour and health per 5 for PvP (Demon), with extra spell damage for PvE (Fel).

I finished all the quests in Hellfire Peninsula (PvP repeatable quest done numerous times), so I needed to decide where to go next. I went with Terokkar Forest to explore first (instead of Zangarmarsh), mainly since Shattrath City is located in that region. Shattrath is the main city in Outlands, the only one with a bank, as well as having portals (one way) to every major city in Azeroth. This seems like a good place to set my hearth to. Central enough that flying will never cost too much, while portals back to Azeroth has many gains (no more money for you, Mr. Mage).

An interesting feature of the new city is split factions. There is the main faction, for which doing any quest within the city will gain rep, while there is also the Aldor and Scryer factions. These two factions both love the city but detest each other. You must pick which faction to join with. Doing quests for this faction will increase your rep for them, but lower your rep with the other faction. The faction rewards are different, so it is worth checking out all options before deciding who to form an alliance with. WoWWiki has a good comparison guide showing the items side by side and helping you to choose which faction best suits your class/playing style. I went with the Scryer.

With the discovery of a new area comes new rep to gain, areas to explore and mobs to grind on. Until next time, brave adventurers, remember, the only good Hellboar is a dead Hellboar.