So angry!

With Oscar fever in full swing, I decided to watch a bunch of movies that were nominated for various categories. There were some great movies, some good movies, and some movies that just make me so mad. I want to talk about the latter, a documentry. Jesus Camp. This is about a group of kids going to Jesus Camp, a camp run by a (somewhat insane) lady for conservative christians. It is worth a watch, simply to see how fanatical people can be. Not to give too much away, but at the camp they seem to do some normal camp things, go-karting etc, while also doing extreme things, like getting kids to smash cups (with hammers) with the word government on them, as well as shaking and speaking in tongues. It is quite disturbing to see the adults do to the children. It can easily be described as brainwashing.

It shows not only the adults but also the kids perspective, which shows the result of the years of training by the adults. With debunking of science (global warming), displays of anti-government, the list goes on. This movie makes me angry, made my friends angry, as it should. Some people may say that it only shows the bad bits, that it is biased. There are some cleaver shots that seem to suggest that. However, the woman running the camp saw the movie before it was released at thought that it was great, that it was an accurate representation of her faith.

One last thing to remember. These conservative christians believe that god created us, that we didn’t evolve. That is fine, I respect that, there are many things I believe that others don’t. One reason I have heard them say against evolution is that if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys (aside from the fact that everything evolved from the same single-celled creatures, so only humans would exist under their reasoning). They just make me mad.

P.S. If you’re anything like me, you will feel like sinning, ALOT, after seeing this movie. Keep that in mind and maybe have a way of sinning handy at the end.