One down, nine to go.

After much questing and, surprisingly, little grinding, I hit lvl 61. This happened some time on saturday, about 2 days ago. I have replaced many more of my blues with greens, while even managing to get myself an outland blue, yay. To me, there seems to be less grinding needed to complete quests, with only once thinking that a drop rate was too low (felblood from the terrorfiends in Pools of Aggonar). Discovered some new herbs with great buffs (30 health per 5 just for picking some Dreaming Glory).

The incentive to participate in world PvP is also good, with marks being given for the main towns upon completion of a repeatable quest. These marks are redeemed from reasonable rewards from the main town in Hellfire Peninsula. I had a brief look at the next area, Zangarmarsh, which also looks quite interesting and pretty. The unofficial true on my server also seems to be over, with PvP happening on a more regular basis away from the world PvP areas.

I have yet to try out the new battleground, I think I will wait for a few more levels before trying it out. Then there may be more people doing it, plus I will be more able to hold my own. Oh, be careful with quest items. One quest requires you to go to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh to get some wine to seduce a Blood Elf. I did that, but on the way back I accidentally drank the wine myself when trying to eat to regain health. That means a long trek back to get more. Bugger.

Still enjoying the quests, with enough variety to make the same old ‘go here, kill x of that, collect y of these’ quests seeming fresh. I’m sure that won’t last, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

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