Hydrophobia Prophecy Review

A fairly standard third person shooter with exploration elements, all centred around water.  The game does try to mix things up towards the end by introducing a mechanic (via nano-particles) to control said water but it is introduced so late into the game (I think it look me all of 20 minutes to finish the game once I got it, including cut-scenes and credits) that it was hardly worth it. You play as an systems engineer who, while not being experienced with combat or exploration quickly gets used to it when forced into the situation.
You only get a single pistol for the entire game but it is mixed up by getting different ammo throughout the game, including a gel explosive and an energy round. There are also a number of objects and documents to collect, but are not that interesting and do not impact gameplay at all. More enemies and challenging environments in each encounter creates difficulty before a final boss fight finishes the game.
There is also a 5 round challenge room that is unlocked once you beat the game where you have a set amount of time to defeat a number of spawning enemies. Even with challenge mode it was only about a 5 hour experience (with finding most of the collectables).

Average gameplay with forgettable characters and bland story and environments.