Flash Games

Ok, we all have our own little flash games that we love to play, so now is your chance to share then with us all. I will post some of my favourite/most frustrating flash games that I play, hoping that you will give them a change. If you know of any great flash games that eat up hours of your time then please, post a comment with a link for all of us to enjoy.

First is one based upon something I first played in Warcraft III. Tower Defence. This simple yet hard game asks you to stop blobs from getting from one side to the other. You build towers to stop them, with the best results coming from a maze, causing the blobs to take the longest time to reach the exit. More money is gained from every kill, while there are multiple towers to choose from each with upgrades.

Next is a different type of tower defence, Element TD. Similar concept however you cannot maze, you just have to arrange your towers in the best way to kill the mobs as fast as possible.

Now a mind bending one, the aptly named Irritating Game, where you have to stop two balls from falling. One bounces breakout style, while the other is on a sew-saw device. My best is just short of 40 seconds, see how you do.

And the best time waster of all, Line Flyer. This game is easy. Draw lines for a guy to slide down. Different iterations are around, with different vehicles but the original is a motorcycle. Addicting and so hard, just an awesome game.

Now that I’ve shared my favourite four, why not give them a try, and share your own. I love wasting time trying out addictive flash games.