Daxter Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.Coming from a solid platforming franchise, Daxter had much to live up to, while also being able to set the benchmark on a relatively new system. Thankfully, it manages to be that game. Daxter is the fourth platforming game from the Jak & Daxter series (Jak & Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3. Jak X was a racing game, therefore I am not counting it as a platformer). Having a wide screen, the PSP would seem perfect for platformers, but the system was largely left without them. There were a few exceptions, but Daxter was one of the first from a known series to take to the small screen.This is the first game in the series where you take control of Daxter for the game, unlike the previous installments which sees you controlling Jak. This game is set in Haven city, the same as Jak II, and parts of Jak 3. While the fourth game in the series, it is set between Jak and Daxter and Jak II. The first thing you notice once you load the game is the graphics. A large, detailed city lays before you. It was one of the nicest looking games on the PSP when it was released, with some newer games still not passing it in graphical beauty. But as any real gamer knows, graphics don’t make the game. This is where Daxter holds up to make it a must have PSP game for people who love platformers. As mentioned previously, you control the ottsel Daxter for the duration of this adventure.

Being a small creature, this unlocks many possibilities for where to go and what to do, with more areas of Haven City able to be explored. Being a PSP game, the areas are tuned for small, bite sized bits of play, which is often missing from the expansive levels some games try and use. A handheld game benefits from smaller levels (5-10 mins to complete, regular save points) and Daxter does well with this.

Bug no door will open and he (shop owner) won’t talk to me.