Multiple Creat Studio/Tik Games PS+ Game Thoughts

Over the last week I have had time to go through some random smaller PSN games which PlayStation Plus has provided (nearly a year ago now) , most of which I haven’t played until now.  Most of these were by Creat Studios and they were quite varied – in gameplay and in quality.  Time and PS3 hdd space is increasingly scarce, so some of these will be longer while others didn’t do enough to be kept or played once I quit.

Sky Fighter: This game originally reminded me of DogFight on the BBC Micro.  A side on, 2.5D game, you play as one of multiple propeller powered planes in an attempt to achieve whatever objective is set to you, generally destroy something or other (ground or air based) then fly to the next area and repeat.  This quickly got a little stale when playing the single player campaign however I had a go with 2 friends (can do up to 8!) locally for multiplayer and this is where the game shines.  Custom options can make games as long or short as you want, however some of the power ups were a little over powered.  May never go back to single player but will keep multiplayer in rotation.  7/10

Hamster Ball:  This is a Super Monkey Ball clone which, to me, tried and failed to capture the charm and craziness of Monkey Ball.  After easily beating the first few levels I was seriously considering getting my GameCube and Monkey Ball out of storage for a few rounds, especially that multiplayer!  4/10

Magic Orbz: A breakout clone which replaces the bricks with themed levels (like pirates) what need destruction.  Different parts require different numbers of hits to break and powerups (and downs) make for a different block breaking game.  6/10

Wakeboarding HD: A simple game where you get pulled behind a boat and must perform tricks and random missions in order to progress.  Functions well enough but the controls could be tighter.  Missions are fairly varied but the environments are bland and samey. 4/10

Ricochet HD: Another breakout clone which tried to be a serious game but stumbles in my view, made me want to play more Shatter ( rather than keep playing this. 3/10

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom: A standard match 2 tiles until all the tiles are gone or you can’t find any pairs game, descent visuals and soundtrack, great if you are looking to wind down and chill out without thinking much about anything. 6/10

Mushroom Wars: A simplistic RTS, you control a number of towns that automatically generate new units for you.  These units can be used to upgrade the town (to hold and produce more units) as well as attack other towns to try and take them over.  There are also towers which, while not producing units, launch rocks at any enemies with the attack radius.  Missions vary slightly but are all along the same theme of “wipe the enemy/s out”.  Simple in nature but still rewarding when a strategy pays off. 8/10

Smash Cars: A remote control racing game that tries to be less serious, with jumps, flips, spins to do and people, bottles, cans etc. to run into but is a little un-forgiving and un-original.  Tight controls make for fine driving but bland environments and only two race types (race and time-trial) after finishing 5 races means I won’t be coming back. 5/10