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More PS1 games on PSP

One of the most exciting features of the PSP, for me atleast, is the ability to play some great, clasic PS1 games on it. The downside is that you need a large memory stick (can’t really get around that), as well as a PS3. That is the real killer. A $1000AU purchase just to play old games on a great handheld. Another thing is that only select games are available, and need to be downloaded. Why is this? Why not, since you need a PS3 anyway, allow users to put their legal PS1 games into the system and allow them to be copied to the PSP. Or, give a discount to the download prices for having the original. I don’t know why, when I have an original PS1 game infront of me that I have to pay for it again, just to play on my new system.

Sony, I love your systems, please treat them, and their...

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