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Thomas Was Alone Review

“Thomas was alone”.  A weird thought and interesting way to start this game.  While a simple game visually (not a rounded edge in sight) and with the characters all being blocks of differing size, shape and colour you might not expect much from this game, but the developer, through carefully constructed narration and direction makes you care about these characters and their trials through the world.

A platformer at heart, each character has a name as well as a different special ability (my favourite was Sarah), ranging from jumps, to being bouncy, to double jumping.  You need to combine these to navigate through each level...

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The Unfinished Swan Review

A downloadable indie game that sees you play as a young boy who is chasing a swam which has escaped from his mothers unfinished painting. Initially a completely white environment, you can throw paint in order to find your way around. In later levels paint becomes water and the environment becomes more visible and the challenge is solving puzzles and platforming to progress. A story driven game, the unique visuals and nice, if simple, story will keep pulling you through this game, like a good story should.

Each of the four chapters plays slightly differently while all having the same goal, move forward to try and catch the swan. The narration by the king is good while story panels throughout the game reveal more of what is going on.

Short, whimsical and charming, it could be a little longer...

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Hydrophobia Prophecy Review

A fairly standard third person shooter with exploration elements, all centred around water.  The game does try to mix things up towards the end by introducing a mechanic (via nano-particles) to control said water but it is introduced so late into the game (I think it look me all of 20 minutes to finish the game once I got it, including cut-scenes and credits) that it was hardly worth it. You play as an systems engineer who, while not being experienced with combat or exploration quickly gets used to it when forced into the situation.
You only get a single pistol for the entire game but it is mixed up by getting different ammo throughout the game, including a gel explosive and an energy round...

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Multiple Creat Studio/Tik Games PS+ Game Thoughts

Over the last week I have had time to go through some random smaller PSN games which PlayStation Plus has provided (nearly a year ago now) , most of which I haven’t played until now.  Most of these were by Creat Studios and they were quite varied – in gameplay and in quality.  Time and PS3 hdd space is increasingly scarce, so some of these will be longer while others didn’t do enough to be kept or played once I quit.

Sky Fighter: This game originally reminded me of DogFight on the BBC Micro.  A side on, 2.5D game, you play as one of multiple propeller powered planes in an attempt to achieve whatever objective is set to you, generally destroy something or other (ground or air based) then fly to the next area and repeat...

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Bioshock Infinite Review

For the first time in over a year, I have been excited enough about a game to play on release and it has been good enough to keep me coming back until it was done, which still took me a couple of weeks with other commitments. There will be spoilers in this post so keep that in mind if you haven’t finished the game yet. Before I go into too many details, let me say that I really enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, the story and world more so than the combat mechanics.  I was late to the Bioshock party, having only a PS3 on which to play I had to wait over a year before I was able to play this gem.  While an option existed (and was the default) to be automatically resurrected upon death, I turned this off and found the game to be the more strategic for it...

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Lumines Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.Block games have been arounds almost since the first PC. Tetris was developed in 1984, with releases on nearly every system cabable of playing it. Many other block games have developed from this, one of these being Lumines.Lumines consists of moving and rotating squares of 4 small blocks of up to two colours around the screen in an attempt to join four or more of the same coloured blocks together in a rectangle for removal. The blocks are removed by a time line that moves from left to right. There are special blocks that will remove all of that colour attached to it

It sounds like a basic concept, which it is, however it ...

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Daxter Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.Coming from a solid platforming franchise, Daxter had much to live up to, while also being able to set the benchmark on a relatively new system. Thankfully, it manages to be that game. Daxter is the fourth platforming game from the Jak & Daxter series (Jak & Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3. Jak X was a racing game, therefore I am not counting it as a platformer). Having a wide screen, the PSP would seem perfect for platformers, but the system was largely left without them. There were a few exceptions, but Daxter was one of the first from a known series to take to the small screen...
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Archer Maclean’s Mercury Review

This review is written from the point of view of the author, with no intent to persuade readers to or away from buying a particular game. This is intended as a guide only.

One of the release games for PSP (in Australia at least), this game has plenty of great moments. A challenging puzzler with an inventive idea (not surprising, considering Archer Maclean’s past efforts). You control a 3D world, which you can rotate by using the analogue nub. A blob of mercury rolls around, with the aim to get a portion the blob from the start to the finish. There are six worlds, each with twelve levels, which makes for quite abit of a challenge. There is also a bonus world (with only 6 levels), which is quite harder than the normal worlds. Even unlocking them is a real challenge...

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