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New Site

So after many attempts at different things (Blogger for a blog, Drupal as a content site) I decided after each was neglected for far that I should combine them and decided the WordPress was the way forward (for now at least).  I have imported all my old Blogger posts, edited/deleted and I saw fit and now we’re good to go 🙂

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Flash Games

Ok, we all have our own little flash games that we love to play, so now is your chance to share then with us all. I will post some of my favourite/most frustrating flash games that I play, hoping that you will give them a change. If you know of any great flash games that eat up hours of your time then please, post a comment with a link for all of us to enjoy.

First is one based upon something I first played in Warcraft III. Tower Defence. This simple yet hard game asks you to stop blobs from getting from one side to the other. You build towers to stop them, with the best results coming from a maze, causing the blobs to take the longest time to reach the exit. More money is gained from every kill, while there are multiple towers to choose from each with upgrades.

Next is a different type of...

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