And I’m off and racing.

There may already be a lvl 70, but I am 6 bars into lvl 60. The first three quest rewards (all green) replaced three of my blue items, including Soul Harvester, the lvl 50 Warlock quest reward. I cannot explain the feeling of walking through the dark portal to see the broken landscape of outland. Despite the overwhelming numbers of players in the one area, lag was playable for the most part, while the spawn rate on the mobs and quest items were surprisingly good. I only got attacked once (by a lvl 61 pallie, I won), despite the large number of allies around. Maybe everyone wanted to explore un-mollested, but I think it had to do with the shear number of players from both factions. No-one wanted to start an all out war that would last for days, since then no-one would be able to quest freely.

Just a few thoughts on my first encounter with The Burning Crusade, hope everyone is enjoying it as much as me.

Oh, and male Blood Elves are gay. Which I suppose fits well with them being pallies. I would know, I created one, now lvl 7.

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  • Bindi  says:

    Belfs are good, i like their laugh. Not enough meat on them though, and it does kinda feel like a Nelf rip-off. And I agree…they are gay. The males are definitely gay.
    I have enjoyed the Draenei starting areas though. One particularly awesome quest chain involving gliding with golden wings and shapeshifting. The way you see the world even changes when you’re a tiger. And the Draenei chicks squeal when they get a crit, or crit on…or something like that 😛

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